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This New Pillow Can Detect If You Are Snoring And Adjust Your Head Accordingly

Sharing a bed with someone who snores is quite inconvenient. To combat this, a California startup created a smart pillow known as the “Motion Pillow.” The Motion Pillow appears to be an interesting invention. It uses machine learning to recognize the sound of the users’ snoring, gradually improving its profile.

How the Motion Pillow works: When someone starts snoring, it’s mainly due to the way the sleeper is positioned, which disrupts airflow through the throat and nasal passages. The motion pillow consists of two parts: the actual soft pillow on which you rest your head and the Solution Box, a smart device that should be placed near the bed and operates to detect snoring noises. When snoring is detected, the box sends a signal to the pillow, which slowly and softly repositions your head according to a precise algorithm to ease any noisy nighttime breathing.

The snorer should not feel anything as this memory foam pillow does its magic to silence the room. And whoever is sharing the bed with you should not be woken up, because the Solution Box will detect snoring early on and take the required actions to eliminate it. Users can download an app that will sync with the Solution Box to record their sleep data and frequency of snoring. Snoring should decrease over time as consumers adjust to different sleeping postures.

The Motion pillow can be bought on Amazon for $378. While the pillow only scored 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the majority of written user reviews appreciated it. “Soft and comfortable pillow,” one user said. I prefer it to my down pillows now. If you snore, it inflates slightly and causes you to turn. “Inflation is slowing.” “I’ve had the opportunity to buy and try this fantastic product for a week now, and I have only positive things to say about it,” said another user.

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