New Pillow Plays Music In Your Ear Without Disturbing Your Partner


After many scientific researches and advent of several mobile applications on this phenomenon, it is now common knowledge that music can help people sleep better. But while you can enjoy a good night’s sleep listening to your favorite sleeping music, it can be bit of a nuisance for the people around you. You sure as well cannot wear headphones while sleeping, as they are super uncomfortable!

Here is where Zeeq comes, which is a pillow that can also stream music other than providing the cushiony goodness! It plays music from its interior which is low enough so that only you are able to hear the music without disturbing anyone else. It is equipped with eight wireless speakers, and is capable of playing music from iTunes, Spotify or your personal collection of “sleep tracks”. You can control the music type from the companion app.

The app also helps you track and optimize your sleep patterns. This is usually done by correlating your sleep patterns with REM cycles,  which wakes you up just at the right time, thus not letting you oversleep or under-sleep. Zeeq automatically adjusts your alarm as per your sleep patterns.

Picture Credits: kickstarter
Picture Credits: kickstarter

While there is a plethora of sleep cycle tracker apps and sleep apps in general, this concept is a unique combination of technology with music that is non-disruptive and easy to implement.

The creator of Zeeq explained how a simple experiment and a moment of ingenuity led to this creation. He states in a marketing video that the idea came from his own sleeping woes, as couldn’t sleep without playing music but always managed to disturb his wife. So one day he shoved a pair of wireless headphones into a pillow, and he realized that he could hear the music but her wife did not even notice it! And that’s when he realized that he was onto something very useful and cool.

Zeeq has so far raised more than $220,000 on Kickstarter. It also can vibrate soothingly if you start snoring, thus waking you up so that you can adjust your position.

Here is a video further elaborating how this works:

Would you buy Zeeq for a good night sleep, or do you think it is similar to other sleep monitoring apps? Comment below!

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