This New Pet Robot Looks Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Meet this cute little pet robot, named “Loona,” which has been exquisitely designed by KEYi Tech. This adorable creature is a bastion of advanced technology and comes with a lot of awe-inspiring embedded features. Loona inspires us in many ways, from its cute actions to its overall look that presents it as a character straight from a Disney movie. This four-wheeled robot bears a resemblance with Anki’s vector robot that was manufactured by ex-Pixar animators, but there are a lot of unique characteristics that this little creature holds, and one of them can be seen in the form of eyes that are screened on its LCD screen.

The 2.4-inch LCD screen features the eyes of this pet robot which makes us believe that it is alive and can respond to all our actions. Loona can express plenty of emotions including fear, joy, disappointment, excitement, and happiness through its eyes by blinking them in a cartoonish manner. Similarly, Loona is 6.8 inches or (172 mm) in height and is capable to do a lot of activities. It can respond to you on being called, can act like a pet, can be your friend, can walk all over your home like a pet, can dance, can play games, and can also greet you whenever you come home. Moreover, you can easily control this and make any modifications through the app.

In addition to this, you can incorporate new functions which you want Loona to do through a simple coding process that even children can do. Moreover, the facility to edit and change Loona’s actions will come in a future update and will scope out the process efficiently. Furthermore, a pair of microphones and several cameras have also been embedded in this pet robot that helps it to recognize faces and can reach out to different locations through navigation technology. You might have noticed the two cute ears on the top of its head which have also been designed in such a way that will respond to different emotions.

These ears will start glowing when Loona is happy or excited and can bend down in disappointment. Not to mention, KEYi Tech has been funding the project through Kickstarter and it planned to receive $20,000 for its initial funding, but fortunately, due to the popularity of Loona, the company was able to receive the funds amounted to US$1.7 million. For early purchasers, Loona can be acquired for $299 with a discount of $150. However, if you want to get hands-on with this robot pet till Christmas, then you might have to pay an extra amount for this. Also, the company is planning to start shipping the orders in February 2023.

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