This New Paper-Thin Loudspeaker Can Play Music From Any Surface

With each passing day, technology is making its way across a broad spectrum. Researchers at MIT have just revealed a never-before-seen technology, i.e., a paper-thin loudspeaker. It has a lot of applications, and the amazing thing about it is that only a small amount of energy equivalent to a normal speaker is required to fuel it, and it can then generate sound like a conventional speaker. It has a built-in capability to turn any surface into a speaker. Not to mention, the speaker is something compared to the size of a hand and can produce high-quality sound with little consumption of power. Now that sounds like a cool process and consumers would love to buy it to get rid of the cables and wires that go with their speakers and headphones.

MIT develops a speaker thinner than sheet music | TechCrunch

There are tiny domes encapsulated in the specific material along with the surface of the loudspeaker that vibrates during the sound production, thus preventing the whole frame from resonating. This specific material consists of a thin layer of a piezoelectric component that vibrates. It’s amazing to take what appears to be a skinny sheet of paper, connect two clips to it, plug it into your computer’s headphone socket, and start hearing sounds escaping from it. “It may be utilized in any situation. It only requires a smidgeon of electrical power to function, “says Vladimir, the Chairperson of Emerging Technology.

This inventive loudspeaker has a lot of practical applications. The most thrilling part of all is that this speaker harnesses ultrasound waves, which can be used to detect the position of any individual in a room and then shape its sound waves by giving them a pattern to follow that person. Secondly, it can also be used to “cancel out sound” by attaching a microphone or an electronic gadget to it, thus limiting the sound to a specified limit by the user. “We have the capacity to accurately induce the mechanical motion of air by activating a scaled physical surface.” “The possibilities for using this technology are endless,” Vladimir adds.

Engineers develop a flexible paper-thin loudspeaker

Having said that, this is the most compelling technology that has the potential to distinguish itself from similar state-of-the-art technologies as it is very convenient and cost-efficient. As of now, no specific date has been revealed for its introduction into the market, but when it makes its first appearance, the response is going to be extraordinary without a doubt.

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