This New Motorized Office Chair By Volkswagen Has Headlights And A Horn

Volkswagen Norway has created a motorized office chair unlike anyone else. It features a heated cloth seat with an embroidered Volkswagen logo, a touchscreen that functions as a music player and a rear-view camera, a 360-degree sensor, built-in speakers, 4-inch aluminum rims, and even a functional horn.

 You can even honk your horn if there’s a traffic jam in front of the coffee machine. Embedded into the armrests are a pair of headlights to help get around during overtime, There are LED strips that light up to give it a sleek look at night, and when not in use for navigation, they can be turned into party lights. Unfortunately, this is a one-off concept, but Volkswagen Norway said it will be available for test drives at various locations.

Perhaps the strangest thing carried over from the car is cargo capacity — there’s a small trunk in the back for documents and a laptop, and there’s even a trailer hitch for larger loads. Of course, where you might find a trailer compatible with it is another question.

Unfortunately for those who want to pamper their office experience, Volkswagen’s office chairs aren’t actually for sale. The whole thing is pretty much just a big PR stunt to promote the company’s vans.

From driveline and milling of rims, to LED lights and entertainment system. It may not be quite like a van, but it’s not just making an office chair either,” said Volkswagen.

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