This New Motorized Gaming Bed Doesn’t Even Require You To Sit Up To Play


Japan has brought an innovation for gamers to make things easier and more convenient. Japan’s Bauhutte is a leading name in the industry for gamers who’ve ever spent any amount of time online searching for gaming accessories. It’s focused on designing and building furniture solutions that are custom made for those who spend most of the day on a computer, and while we’ve even gone hands-on with the company’s pop-up tent that promises complete privacy while at work, Bauhutte is best known for its over-the-top gaming setups.

If you’ve some money set aside for this investment, you can assemble an entire Bauhutte eco-system that puts everything from mini-fridges to storage units to even a comfy bed near your gaming rig. It wouldn’t be surprising if Bauhutte introduces a gaming-focused portable toilet soon.

Motorized Electric Gaming Bed from Japan takes gaming furniture to the next  level?Video? | HardwareZone Forums

The Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed looks like a lightweight version of those Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds advertised for seniors. Except the EGB is marketed toward gamers at the peak of their gaming careers who need to transition from playing to sleeping and back again with as minimal effort and interruption as possible. Two powered mechanisms elevate a gamer’s torso through a backrest that can be raised up to a 60-degree angle, and leg support that can raise up to 35-degrees.


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