This New “Momo Suicide Challenge” On Whatsapp Is Pushing Teens Towards Suicide

momo challenge

Authorities in many countries have started issuing a warning to parents regarding the disturbing new challenge on Whatsapp called ‘Momo.’ The challenge begins when a user adds an unknown contact to their WhatsApp list. This contact has a scary and distorted sculpture picture on display. Once added, the contact urges the user to indulge themselves in self-harm or suicide by completing a series of challenges.

According to news, it is said that the game controller also claims to have personal information of the player and threatens to reveal it if the orders are not followed. The image has unusual features and bulging eyes. Momo is also said to be linked to the recent suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. The authorities found about this when they unlocked the girl’s phone and saw that she filmed all her activities before hanging herself from a tree in her backyard.

Some time ago, another game called Blue Whale came forward which was also played by many people and became a reason for the death of nearly 130 people. Blue Whale started from Facebook while Momo has originated on Whatsapp. Saudi Arabia also banned 47 online games after two children committed suicide as a result of taking the Blue Whale Challenge.

The reason behind starting this challenge is unknown, however, authorities are warning that the anonymous sender on Whatsapp may have intentions of stealing user’s information and then encouraging violence. The best way to keep your children safe from these cyber dangers is to make sure that up to a certain age, kids use shared devices and use the apps which do not pose a threat to your kids at an early age.

Stay safe kids!

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