This New Mega Yacht Has Two Dedicated Helipads And A Beam Beach Club

Do you want a fancy trip on a mega-yacht with amenities beyond your imagination? Well, that’s what we have got for you. Steve Kozloff Designs has recently unveiled its most impressive mega yacht, named “Trident”, with a concept of two trimarans, having six decks, two custom-built helipads, a beam beach club, two master rooms, an exquisite lounge, a separate entertainment area, and what not. In addition to this, this staunch mega yacht is about 328 feet (100 meters) in length and has two enormous sailing systems developed by “Chantiers de l’Atlantique Solid Sail.”

In addition to this, it has got two helipads along with an “integrated telescoping crane system”. Because of its massive structure, it looks like an airplane. But this doesn’t mean it can’t pass under the bridges and crossovers. You would be amazed to know that its two gigantic yards can easily tilt up to 70 degrees forward. In this way, the air drafts are considerably reduced from 238 feet to 138.5 feet, making it flexible enough to pass through the bridges. Trident can also access the Panama Canal, San Francisco, and San Diego, and a lot of locations similar to this having crossovers.

Coming towards its specifications, it can cruise at a whopping speed of 14 knots for 6700 nautical miles. This shows that its huge structure didn’t have any impact on its speed. She can achieve these cruising speeds on diesel power alone. For entertainment purposes, we have got a piano bar and a good salon area on the upper deck of this mega yacht. You will also get full-sized windows on the upper deck, which are enough to give you an exclusive view.

Moreover, there are two master suites located at the forepart, with one exquisite owner’s suite at the start of a central hull which is 628 square feet in length. For the guests, the mega yacht has separate guest cabins that can easily and lavishly accommodate 26 guests. It can also house about 20 cabin crew, which can assist in navigating the parameters of the yacht and can serve the people on board. Apart from this, there is a living room as long as 5,100 square feet with 16 forward-looking windows through which you can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of nature by sitting in this extensive area.

What more can you wish for? And obviously, how can I forget one thing that makes you to easily relocate your position within different decks, an elevator, of course.

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