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This New Luxury Tower By Bugatti Will Allow Owners To Drive Up To Their Penthouses

Dubai is renowned for its impressive skyline filled with captivating skyscrapers, and now a new tower designed by Bugatti, the famous automotive brand, in collaboration with developer Binghatti, is set to leave viewers in awe.

This remarkable structure will serve as a residence and showcase two car elevators, allowing wealthy homeowners to seamlessly drive their cherished Centodieci vehicles up to their luxurious penthouse suites.

Situated in Dubai’s Business Bay, Bugatti Residences promises a visually striking design, reminiscent of the ambitious creations by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Its twisted, curvaceous form and captivating silvery exterior create a distinct visual appeal.

While specific details regarding its height and structural system are still unknown, the project is anticipated to feature 171 Riviera Mansions residences and 11 Sky Mansion penthouses, each offering a unique and custom layout.

As expected, the facilities at Bugatti Residences will be nothing short of extraordinary. Along with a beach area meticulously designed to replicate the allure of the French Riviera, paying homage to Bugatti’s French heritage, residents will enjoy access to a private pool, jacuzzi spa, and fitness club.

However, the highlight of the tower lies in its two-car elevators, enabling homeowners to drive their vehicles directly into their penthouses, a feature reminiscent of Porsche’s car elevator tower in Miami.

“Unmatched craftsmanship and exquisite finishes that set a new standard for opulence will be at the heart of the living spaces curated for Bugatti Residences, ensuring that the ‘Art of Living’ is reimagined for a contemporary defining era,” explained Bugatti’s press release. “Both penthouses and mansions offer spacious living areas adorned with the finest material selection the world has to offer. The Bugatti Residences carry a seamless blend of comfort, functionality and elegance that reflect Bugatti and Binghatti’s pre-eminence in design.”

Bugatti joins the ranks of other luxury automotive firms, such as Aston Martin and Bentley, who have demonstrated a keen interest in venturing into architectural design, presenting opulent projects of their own.

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