This New Light Technology Can Make Objects Invisible By Passing Light Straight Through Them

Scientists have developed a new type of light capable of making objects invisible when it shines through them. The key for the invisible power was finding a specific light wave that made objects disappear as if they were never there.

The newfound wavelength of light pierces through the objects instead of bouncing off the surface like any other light. Photoreceptors in our eyes could see objects when light reflects from an object’s surface.

The scientists from Austria’s TU Wien and The Netherland’s Utrecht University found reflecting and bouncing off the light too mainstream. Their newfound wavelength of light not only passes through the objects but also makes them invisible to the naked eyes and as well for the camera lens.

The new wavelength of light for making the objects invisible is undergoing its initial trials. However, it would provide a key tool for medical imaging in the future while also coming in handy for researchers who want to study biological systems in depth.

Scientists and researchers have been working hard to develop a technology that makes the objects go invisible. But their approach to bend or scatter light around an object wasn’t as effective. Whereas the new method sounds more promising and straightforward in making the objects go invisible by penetrating light straight through them.

“One aspect we are very excited about is the fact that the light fields we introduced in our work not only seem to be special in the output field patterns they produce behind the object but also inside of it,” TU Wien researcher and study co-author Stefan Rotter told The Independent.

The team working on the tech is of the view that the newfound wavelength of light would allow working on objects such as biological cells or tissues that are otherwise difficult to work with. Moreover, as the tech will progress, it will make a perfect fit for new medical imaging and other kinds of research.

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