This New Jet Concept Uses Swappable Wings, Engines And Cabins


A Bristol-based company, Aeralis, has revealed a groundbreaking modular jet concept that is set to revolutionize the aerospace industry. This innovative design features a “Common Core Fuselage” (CCF) with integrated modular avionics, enabling a vast array of capabilities, from transonic advanced jet trainers to long-range ISR aircraft. The key to this concept lies in swappable wings and interchangeable parts throughout the aircraft.

Starting with the cockpit, the modularity extends to seating arrangements, fuel storage, electronic warfare equipment, and even the potential for unmanned aerial systems. Moving to the wings, the inner wing remains constant, while the outer wing can be tailored for various purposes, such as high-lift for endurance flights or a stealth wing for covert operations. Even the engines are designed to be interchangeable, offering versatility and cost-efficiency.

Aeralis isn’t just selling an aircraft; it’s offering a comprehensive system that maximizes commonality in structures, systems, and parts while providing modularity for bespoke capabilities. This approach not only simplifies maintenance but also offers substantial cost savings. Aeralis has strategically partnered with major industry players and secured investments to advance this ambitious project.

The core product focuses on an advanced jet trainer but is adaptable to meet diverse requirements. Aeralis is also considering future enhancements like carrier-capable features and the ability to incorporate necessary systems for specific missions. The interchangeability concept extends beyond the aircraft itself to accommodate pilots of varying sizes, ensuring a versatile and inclusive design.

Aeralis aims to conduct testing and certification in the UK, aiming for first-variant prototypes to commence flight tests by mid-2025, with type certification and initial customer deliveries projected by mid-2026. The potential for rapid deployment and operational flexibility makes this modular jet concept an exciting prospect for both military and commercial applications, promising a transformative shift in aviation technology.


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