This New ‘IT Amulet’ Promises To Keep Your Computer Virus Free

Do you believe that your computers are prone to the evil eye? If yes, then you have to use a very celebrated “computer function amulet” designed by a Shinto Shrine in Tokyo to protect your hardware from the malevolent gaze. Kanda Myojin, a seller of such amulets and charms at this shrine in Tokyo, has a belief that the freezing or restarting of a computer is strongly associated with the belief that your computer is cursed, surrounded by a lot of misfortune, and you need to take immediate protection with this IT amulet.

This particular IT amulet is regarded as a spiritual shield against any type of harm and represents a howling success. However, it is composed of a CPU-shaped tag, the size of a hand, to be glued to one of the gadgets on a computer. Not only this, the computer operator is required as well to wear a larger piece of this cardboard either around their neck or, preferably, on their hand. Thus, by fulfilling these requirements correctly, as emphasized by Kanda Myojin, the computer will be protected from any malware threats, viruses, freezing conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances. The cost of this amulet is 1,200 yen. If you ever want to buy this charm, you have to visit the shrine personally, in case of being an overseas customer, because the shipping facility is only available for domestic users as of now.

Not to mention, this is a low-tech alternative to keep the computer protected from any type of evil eye apart from using certain antivirus software programs or periodic clean-up of windows. It sounds funny and mysterious at the same time, making the users peculiar about the applications of such practices on highly sophisticated gadgets. Most people accept the concept of the evil eye in their everyday lives, but they seem a bit reluctant to accept this imposed belief that their IT gadgets are exposed to the evil eye. Nevertheless, every coin has two faces. Some people believe in the practice of this superstitious belief and are willing to buy this “good luck charm” for their computers by hook or by crook. Coupled with this, an excited customer who bought this charm posted on his Twitter in the following words: “If you are new to the IT industry, please be sure to buy this imperial guard. It is very effective”.

Therefore, all things considered, we should always hold our expectations for such types of happenings in today’s world. No matter how far we have come in the technological innovation, there is still a room left for such type of things that we have to encounter without any facts or logical reasoning behind them.

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