This New Hydrogeneration Motor Could Make Sailing Energy Self-Sufficient

Electric motor technology has come a long way in recent years, making significant strides in sustainability and efficiency. The technology has already transitioned from the open road to the open ocean, allowing for the development of eco-friendly boats and yachts.

Oceanvolt, a Finnish electric boat motor manufacturer, has unveiled a new iteration of their electric motor with advanced hydrogeneration technology that can make yachts self-sufficient and sustainable.

The upgraded motor, HighPower ServoProp 25, features advanced hydrogeneration technology that allows the motor to generate electricity and recharge the battery as the boat moves through the water. This technology is available for sailboats when the boat is sailing under wind power.

The new design offers a significant increase in the level of regeneration, rated at 2.5 times more efficient than earlier versions. The increased efficiency is made possible by the altered propeller design, which features a controllable pitch and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, leading to increased propulsion and electricity generation efficiency.

The new motor is much more powerful than the previous ServoProp 15 kW motor, as it can generate 5 kW of power at a speed of 10 knots. The company expresses optimism that future updates will increase the yield and efficiency of hydrogeneration. A display in the cockpit acts as a control panel, displaying information like power generated, RPM, and time left for the batteries to top up.

The HighPower ServoProp 25 is space-efficient and highly integrated, as the motor controller, propeller blade control, and complete liquid cooling system are built into the unit, reducing overall risk, drag, and failure points. In addition, the lack of exhaust and fuel systems makes the job of planning and installing the motor straightforward.

Another notable advantage of electric-propulsion technology is that the unit can also be installed with the propeller facing forwards or backward. A propeller facing forwards increases the efficiency of both hydrogeneration and propulsion.

The HighPower ServoProp 25 is suitable as a propulsion motor for boats up to 70 ft in length and weighing up to 25 tons. The company aims to fulfill deliveries of HighPower ServoProp 25 in the fourth quarter of 2023.

This technology has the potential to make yachts self-sufficient and sustainable, and it could lead to a shift towards sustainable yachting.

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