This New Hybrid Stealth Engine By Rolls-Royce Helps Conceal Armored Vehicles

Rolls-Royce is leveraging the Eurosatory defense trade fair to introduce a groundbreaking hybrid diesel engine concept aimed at enhancing the stealth capabilities of armored vehicles. In the realm of modern warfare, where technological advancements in surveillance have rendered traditional camouflage techniques insufficient, the need for innovative solutions to reduce vehicle visibility and operational signatures is paramount.

At the core of this innovation is Rolls-Royce’s mtu hybrid diesel engine, a variant of their established Series 199 engine utilized widely by NATO forces. Designed to generate over 1,100 kW (1,475 hp), this engine not only enhances fuel efficiency and operational range but also significantly reduces the acoustic and thermal signatures of armored vehicles.

This is achieved through its hybrid functionality, allowing the vehicle to operate silently on battery power alone when stationary, eliminating the noise and heat emissions typically associated with idling diesel engines.

The integration of a battery-electric drive not only supports conventional operational needs but also accommodates future technologies such as energy weapons, like lasers, by providing ample electric power. This dual-mode propulsion system marks a significant advancement, enabling vehicles to blend into their environments more effectively and remain undetected by adversaries’ sensor networks.

Moreover, the hybrid engine concept addresses practical military concerns such as space constraints within vehicles and budgetary limitations, aligning with the evolving requirements of defense forces worldwide.

By reducing the vehicle’s acoustic footprint at low speeds and enhancing acceleration at higher speeds, Rolls-Royce aims to redefine the operational capabilities of tracked armored vehicles, enhancing their agility and survivability on the battlefield.

“This propulsion concept will expand the operational possibilities of future tracked armored vehicles in a way that was previously hardly imaginable,” says Christian Wolf, Head of Development for Military Engines and Systems at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “We are convinced that we are making an important contribution to the further development of the defense capabilities of NATO and its allies. For the first time, vehicle manufacturers will be able to realize completely new vehicle concepts, whereby the hybrid concept can in principle be implemented with any engine series from the mtu military propulsion program.”

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