This New Hover Door Puts Maglev In Your Living Room

Leveraging the technology used in magnetic levitation transport, Hover Doors were carefully researched by experts to deliver a smooth gliding experience when opening and closing through the principle of attraction and repulsion between the magnetic poles. Sliding and bi-folding doors are getting a makeover. Hover Doors is introducing a new type of door that works in a fundamentally different way from any other product on the market.

The doors, while heavy, are still able to float in the air, creating a sense of weightlessness, due to their direct attachment to aluminum alloy guide rails without the need for support wheels. Friction is reduced during the opening and closing process due to magnetic repulsion, preventing it from becoming stuck or producing loud noises when in use. That being said, Hover Doors Monorail Maglev Doors can operate smoothly while floating, which is guaranteed for a lifetime without the need for maintenance.

Lam’s patented idea is to use magnetic levitation technology, previously found on Japanese train lines, to enable doors to open and close more smoothly. The technology could eliminate the need for bearings, pulleys, and other fittings typically found on sliding and bi-folding doors.

After years of research and development, Hover Doors says that it will launch its new concept at the IBS show in Las Vegas in January 2023. The technology will enable door manufacturers to deliver cleaner, smoother-opening doors to customers that don’t rely on physical contact with the floor.

Thanks to the removal of most of the moving parts, Hover Doors’ Monorail Magnetic Levitating Doors can operate smoothly without the need for maintenance. “Floating is guaranteed for a lifetime,” according to the brand, because “neodymium magnets lose less than 1% of their magnetic strength over 100 years.”

Hover Doors is pitching the new magnetically levitating doors to the luxury market. However, there are clear applications in the office environment, too. The new door will float effortlessly above the floor, improving noise characteristics and giving workspaces a premium feel.

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