This New Holographic Tech Allows You To Beam Directly Into Your Next Meeting

The original, patented hologram device from Proto M, created by a Los Angeles firm called Proto, was this week announced as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the category of Digital Health. 

Proto’s ‘Epic’ human-sized hologram system is so lifelike that it gives the impression that there is an actual person (or item) within its seven-foot-tall machine.

The device can be connected to a wifi and plugged into a standard wall outlet. You need a camera, white background, and connection to complete the experience. 

“I appear like I’m a guy trapped in a box. This is how I believe people should be broadcasting – with their full bodies. People see a full body and they can have a deeper connection with the person beaming in,” revealed Proto’s CEO David Nussbaum to MailOnline. 

The Proto Epic would cost you at least $65,000.

Proto M not only facilitates two-way communication but also plays pre-recorded messages and can show realistic 3D pictures of products, including virtual ones like NFTs.

The University of Central Florida’s College of Health Professions and Sciences has already ‘beamed in’ a doctor from Australia to teach students in Florida.

Noah Rothstein, head of operations at Proto, told the publication that medical schools are interested in using the holoportation to help with diagnosing Parkinson’s disease patients. There is also interest in its uses for speech-language pathology and physical therapy.

Proto has already worked with Burberry, Netflix, the NBA, HBO, Virgin Media, and CBS Sports.

Public figures have also made use of the technology, including Manny Pacquiao, Ellen DeGeneres, Usain Bolt, and Lewis Hamilton. Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware surprised his fans with a hologram recently, as can be seen in this Twitter post.

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