This New Gaming Chair By McDonald’s Comes With Grease-Proofing For Gamers Who Eat While They Play


McDonald’s is launching a gaming chair for video game fans called the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. This gaming chair is to celebrate the new McCrispy chicken burger. The chair is coated in a grease-proof treatment, meaning you can eat as many McDonald’s burgers as you like without worrying about the state of the chair post-feast. It also has a dedicated warmer on one of its adjustable arms, which can be used to keep your burger hot and delicious or to store a variety of other foods. A holder beneath this plate is the perfect location to dangle your McCrispy-branded napkin when you’re done.

Other than that, this looks to be your standard gaming chair. The design is familiar; it’s dressed up in McDonald’s colors, and it contains a lumbar support pillow, which can slowly ruin your spine if you sit for too long. If you want to get your buns on it, you’ll need a little bit of luck, as McDonald’s is giving four of these chairs away as part of a Facebook competition (for Great Britain residents, aged 18+ only). Four lucky folks in the world will get to live out their greasy fantasy in the coming weeks.

This isn’t the first time that McDonald’s has ventured into gaming, as the company has run several Pokémon Happy Meal promotions recently, which have regularly been ruined by adults looking to scalp childhood nostalgia and toys designed specifically for children.

But this is far from the first time we’ve seen a fast-food restaurant get involved in the gaming space. KFC and Cooler Master made the KFConsole, a PC based on the Intel NUC compute element, which was delayed and then never released again in 2020. A Wendy’s-themed Super Smash Bros. level went semi-viral back in 2019, and, well, we’re all better off forgetting Burger King’s attempt at making games like Sneak King on the Xbox 360. Heck, this arguably isn’t even the weirdest gaming chair out there. That honor still goes to Gigabyte’s inflatable recliner.


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