This New Gadget Makes Your Candles Last Almost Forever

Rekindle Candlestick 4

In life, the only certain thing is death. Be it human or non-human, we know everything deceases. However, when it comes to certain items, we would rather have a way to re-use them. Take for instance, a candle.
Rekindle CandlestickHow does it work? When you burn it, the wax gets melted and goes to waste. While the process is quite amazing to look at, but the issue remains; the wax is not reusable once it gets melted. Well that was a problem until yesterday since Benjamin Shine has come up with a solution in the form of ‘Rekindle’. The idea is simple; save the wax and use it again rather than letting it go to waste.

Rekindle Candlestick 5Rekindle is basically a candlestick with a twist; the candlestick comes attached to a well which is hollow and works as a collector of melting wax. The wax that melts drips into this well and keeps getting accumulated. A new wick is already placed in the hollow cylinder and once the wax is collected, your new candle is ready to be used.

Rekindle Candlestick 3Although, the new candle may require you to exhaust a number of candles but still, it allows for you to make use of the waste coming from one candle. The collecting vessel is transparent so you have more than just the melting of wax to look at,  You can spend some time looking at how the new candle is formed from wax that would have gone to waste otherwise.

Rekindle Candlestick 2There are a number of patents pending for ‘Rekindle’ and the gadget is available in anodized aluminum, stainless steel and porcelain. The price tag as of now is unknown. However, interested folks may contact Benjamin via his website.

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