This New Floating Swimming Pool Will Clean Up Polluted Waters In New York

The new floating swimming pool would provide for never-ending entertainment and would clean up the polluted water.

New York City’s newly unveiled swimming pool would filter 600,000 gallons of polluted water every day from the city’s East River, which has been long famous for its polluted water problem. This issue dates back to the 1930s when the river was marked unsafe for swimming but not anymore. With + POOL soon to float in the East River, it might become swimmable again.

The water cleaning floating swimming pool comes in a plus shape and is designed by Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeff Franklin, Dong-Ping Wong, and Oana Stanescu. The team of four has been working on this project since 2010 and finally has an official site. The fate of the East River is soon to change with + POOL now been given notice to “proceed with due diligence.”

The team marked the notice as a critical step passed to turn this idea into reality. They said the notice came after about two years of review by the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Reaching this approval stage was made possible with untiring efforts from dedicated volunteers that drew up and redesigned iterations of pools and dived deep into the science behind water filtration so to make the project as much effective as possible.

The team’s latest proposal says that the floating swimming pool would be capable of clearing up to 600,000 gallons of polluted water each day, making its impact a lot more than just allowing New Yorkers to go swimming. Instead, it would also make life underwater a lot better for the underwater creatures. Diagrams of the +POOL are surfacing over the internet, and many are excited for it to be afloat in the river. It appears as it would cater as a public swimming pool and would also be used for organized events.

The innovative floating + POOL has attracted the attention of celebrities, including Kanye West and Neil Patrick Harris, and sounds promising enough to become a reality soon.

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