This New Floating Mobile Campus In Manhattan Is 100% Self-Sufficient

One of the big problems of the 21st century is that people who live in big cities have exhausted some of the rare resources on the Planet. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the notion of sustainability and awareness took on a new form, and there are new ideas to be developed.

In this sense, an architecture office, the 3deluxe, decided to build a campus that matched these values in Manhattan, an area with a superfluous population that urgently needs more space.

The project developed by 3deluxe was commissioned by the organization #WeThePlanet (WTP) based in New York. The idea is to build a mobile, floating green platform off the Manhattan shoreline for convening international summits, workshops, and educational programs which focus on transforming the world for a better future. The project is 100% self-sufficient and would generate all the energy and water it needs.

“After the shock of the pandemic and the social polarization of recent years, there is a longing for positive change. It is time for architecture and urbanism to take a more ambitious approach to humanize our living environment,” said Dieter Brell, Creative Director of 3deluxe, in a press release.

According to 3deluxe, the campus will be an outgoing platform that protects “all life on land and sea while advancing the frontier of design.”

WeThePlanet organization wants to be a symbol of change in future architecture as it believes that buildings should give back as much as they take, this means compensation for soil sealing, CO2 production, the use of energy and materials while creating fair living environments for the animals and plants which were there long before us. 

The floating campus will use the latest technologies for air cleansing along with algae wind farms, photovoltaics, marine power plants, and bioreactors to ensure that the structure generates as little emissions as possible while being 100 percent self-nourishing.

Another factor that shouldn’t be worrysome is that the campus is shielded from rising sea levels. Also, if the citizens need more room, the structure can be expanded as well.

According to 3deluxe, this project is sited with “relevant social issues such as climate protection, nature conservation, joint responsibility, openness, and transparency.”

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