This New Ferry Could Be The World’s Most Advanced Zero-Emissions Ferry

In an ambitious attempt to lessen the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, Artemis Technologies has stepped up to develop a “new 100 percent electric EF-24 passenger vehicle,” as claimed by the company. This zero-emission ship has been planned to be built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, like other ships of a similar kind, but EF-24 will be equipped with a lot of contemporary facilities on board. It has been reported that this electric ferry will come up with a collision avoidance system that will help it detect any garbage, wildlife, or other in-water objects that may damage the ship. The ship has also been based on the concept of providing a sustainable and green environment.

The ship will have the tendency to cruise above the water with the help of in-built electric propulsion technology. The system will propel and give thrust to its underwater wings, which will ultimately fly this ferry up from the sea. The company states that the ship will have more seating capacity as compared to the other electric ferries and can accommodate up to 150 passengers on board. Moreover, it can cruise at a maximum speed of 69 kilometers per hour and will also contain a lot of facilities like bike racks, cabin bags, baby changing facilities, overhead storage, etc.

Dr. Iain Percy OBE, who is the founder and CEO of Artemis Technologies, said, “Our high-speed passenger ferry provides a cost-effective public transport solution that helps address air pollution, congestion, and noise.” He further stated, “We have combined our experience from the worlds of high-performance sailing, motorsports, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing to design and develop an electric propulsion system that is quite simply a game changer for the maritime industry.”

It should be noted that the prototype is anticipated to commence its operations in 2024 and it will take place in collaboration with Condor Ferries. Perry said, “Especially where new infrastructure is required like a new road or rail line, this ferry will not only be the cheapest, but also the fastest and least disruptive way to decarbonize transport networks in water-based cities.” Chris Heaton-Harris, who is the secretary of State for Northern Ireland, stated, “The development of such world-leading technology will ensure that Belfast remains at the forefront of maritime innovation while providing a boost to the local green economy.”

To that end, the ship will travel between Belfast and Bangor in Northern Ireland for a continuous one-time route of 25 minutes. The company also said that this endeavor will open around 125 new jobs for the public and with the scaling up of its operations, there are chances that around 1000 new jobs will be created, as reported by Euronews.

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