This New Ferrari Patent Could Allow You To Move The Driver’s Seat To A Central Position

Ferrari has a reputation in the automotive industry for never giving up on innovation and cutting-edge technology. With its most recent patent application to the USPTO, the company has once again pushed the envelope. A novel idea is revealed by this patent: the capacity to move the driver’s seat into a central “monoposto” position.

A driver’s seat that can glide laterally between two preset positions—from the conventional left or right side to the middle of the vehicle—is shown in a patent that was just discovered by CarBuzz. This ground-breaking design features a sliding cockpit that houses pedal box, gauge screen, driver’s seat, and steering wheel, among other necessary parts.

Ferrari would need to install totally “by-wire” controls for the throttle, braking, and steering in order to activate this ground-breaking function, which would do away with the requirement for physical connections. Currently, only cars like the Tesla Cybertruck are equipped with this degree of technological complexity.

There are numerous benefits to having a sliding driver’s seat. The flexibility to change the seating position provides an unmatched level of versatility and driving experience whether you’re driving alone, with a passenger, or on the racetrack. It is unclear how a passenger seat will fit next to this repositioning driver’s seat; it may call for creative solutions such to those found in historic cars like the McLaren F1 and GMA T.50.

Interestingly, Ferrari is not the first to conceive of such a concept. Audi introduced a similar technology in its PB18 e-tron concept back in 2018, although it never materialized in a production vehicle.

Despite the lack of a practical necessity, the potential of this technology is undeniable. The sheer excitement of sliding into the central driving position, with mirrors adjusting automatically, exemplifies Ferrari’s commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences.

While the feasibility of integrating this technology into production vehicles remains uncertain, the prospect of experiencing such an innovation in a Ferrari is undeniably enticing. For enthusiasts, the mere thought of pressing a button and witnessing their seat glide into the center of the car is a dream worth realizing, regardless of the associated cost.

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