This New Feature Phone By Nokia Doubles Up As An Earbud Charging Case

Nokia was a sensational brand before the evolution of smartphones and was one of the best-selling phones that captured the market. Hence, with the same dedication, brand owner HMD Global has finally released a trio of its new feature phones with their hidden functionalities. The structural configuration of these three incredible phones is based on “retro vibes” as per the company while engrossing a unique blend of contemporary aspects as well.

Moreover, one of its models consists of wireless earbuds that has an inherent charging case residing inside the phone. This is none other than the Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio, which presents a very viable and comfortable option of using the earphones. They are integrated within its sliding case and can be easily taken on and off. As soon as they become confined to the phone, the battery starts charging them, but given the performance parameters of the phone, the earbuds remain charged for just 2.4 hours if you are on call and talking, and 4 hours if you are listening to music.

Apart from this, the battery capacity of the 5710 is 1450 mAh and it comes with a VGA camera and a 2.4-inch QVGA display screen. Moreover, the phone can be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks only and has a storage capacity of 128 MB, including 48 MB of system memory. Initially, this Nokia 5710 model is available in the combination colors of black and red or white and red and will start selling in the UK market with “limited availability”. It will be obtainable at a price of £74.99 and will be officially available on the market at the end of this month.

On the other hand, this exquisite version of the Nokia 2660 Flip has almost indistinguishable features from the Nokia 8210 4G. Coupled with this, there is an addition of a “big-button keypad” with the purpose of enhancing the noise during user calls. While the Nokia 8210 made its first appearance at Paris Fashion Week in 1999, the company has now featured a thrilling return of this model, incorporating “signature durability” along with a 2.8-inch QVGA display screen. This is definitely a remarkable achievement.

In addition to this, the Android tablet named “T10” has also been featured by the company, encompassing an 8-inch screen, and is going to be commercially available in the UK market from August. The tablet has been designed in two versions. Its first version encompasses a Wi-Fi model, and the second version comes with a touch of LTE functionality. The prices for both versions are £129 and £149, respectively.  

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