This New Fast Charging Technology From Vivo Can Charge A 4000mAh Battery In A Matter Of Minutes

Simply charging your phone is not enough these days. Instead, everyone is looking to fast-charge their phone. With processing speeds and power reaching mind-boggling numbers in mobile phones, who can blame people for wanting the same in their batteries? Fast charging functionality comes in a number of flavors. Fast charge, dash charge, quick charge; you name it, they make it. Everyone wants to stay ahead of the pack and pour battery-juice faster than the rest. But if Vivo manages to get its newly-announced tech right, we could have a new leader.

Since super charge and flash charge aren’t enough on their own, Vivo decided to go all out and come up with….Super FlashCharge. According to Vivo, the new charging technology can fully-charge a 4000mAh battery in a time period of just 13 minutes. Now, this may seem a bit hard-to-believe, but this short video can give us a taster of the speed that we can expect from Super FlashCharge, with a full demo arriving at MWC Shanghai later this month.

In this video, we can clearly see that the battery percentage goes from 10% to nearly 13% in a short span of about 16 seconds. You do the math, and Vivo’s claim suddenly doesn’t sound very unrealistic, does it? But will it actually live up to the claim, all the while not compromising on performance and reliability? We’ll have to wait till MWC Shanghai to see.

Vivo says that the new tech has a power rating of 120W, which is once again a very high number and we wouldn’t blame you for taking it with a huge grain of salt. For comparison, Samsung’s widely-used Adaptive Fast Charger has a rating of 15W and many people are quite content with that too. Since the tech is still in its infancy, you shouldn’t expect to see it in actual products anytime soon, but it’s hard not to get excited when the numbers are as absurd as this.

MWC Shanghai is set to take place next week and is one of Asia’s biggest technology conferences. Vivo is also preparing to unveil a proper 5G phone so fans of the manufacturer have much to be excited about. Do you think that 120W is the future of fast charging? Let us know in the comments!

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