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This New ‘Face Mask’ Can Provide COVID Protection By Being Sprayed Into Your Nose

During the times of prevalent concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many actions have been taken by researchers and scientists all across the globe. One such activity was performed by the researchers at the University of Helsinki, contributing to nasal sprays for the ease of public to prevent COVID.

This pandemic has forced people to wear a face mask which acts as a physical barrier between the environment and respiratory system due to its filtering capabilities that catch all the bigger particles in its fabric. But some viral matter can even slip through them as well. Masks are doubtlessly providing you to block some particles but there might be some new way to do it.

Keeping this thing in mind, scientists at the University of Helsinki have developed a new molecule called, TriSb92. It inactivates the protein of the Corona Virus and thus prevents it from infecting the body. This molecule can be administered as a nasal spray and should work as a protector for about eight hours even during situations of high exposure risk.

The TriSb92 molecule is based upon a new technical solution developed in Finland for the purpose of exploring biological drugs. This solution was thus utilized to inhibit the functioning of spike protein on the surface of the SARS-Cov-2. Another contributor to this study, Anna Makela has elaborated some points on the effectiveness of this approach. She has mentioned that this molecule imposes an inhibitory effect on all the COVID variants, specifically Omicron by inhibiting their abilities effectively. TriSb92 works really well against other kinds of coronaviruses as well.

Even though TriSb92 has more immediate effects as compared to the vaccine, scientists do not suggest a nasal spray as an alternative to the COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, they are encouraging people to have vaccines on time. This situation has been seen that most people do not respond well to vaccines and those people who are fully vaccinated can still spread Cov-2 in rare scenarios. TriSb92 can provide you protection at the very earliest stages of the infections. This molecule is still not available. Animal testing has been performed, when all unprotected mice were infected, the TriSb92 group was found safe. So still quite a lot more testing needs to be done before it becomes a commercially available product.

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