This New Exoskeleton Made In Germany Is The First One To Support Two Body Regions

German Bionic, the world leader in connected robotic exoskeleton technology, has launched the fifth version of the award-winning Cray X. Yahoo News reported that the intelligent German Bionic power suit will be available for demonstration in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2022, and for worldwide in early 2022.

Active walking assistance, IP54 waterproofing, a more powerful 40 V battery, and a completely redesigned energy management system are all included in the new model. Furthermore, the unique onboarding assistant makes getting started simple, and the Smart Safety Companion – German Bionic’s AI-based early warning system for ergonomics – improves workplace safety while also assisting organizations in meeting their ESG and sustainability objectives.

The 5th-generation Cray X retains the carbon fiber frame, IoT capability, and smart factory integration of its predecessor, but adds a more powerful battery to provide users with more power for longer periods of time. When the 40-V battery runs out of juice, it may be swiftly replaced with a new one to keep the production line rolling.

The 5th generation Cray X exoskeleton is fully connected, compatible with smart factories, and includes an AI-based safety system that warns against incorrect lifting methods or poor posture
Cray X exoskeleton contains so many new and advanced features

This new device not only protects the wearer’s lower back, but also provides active walking assistance, allowing workers to pick up loads weighing up to 66 lb. (30 kg), transport them to their destination, and then place them down.

The fully connected German Bionic Cray X, which provides up to 66 lb. (30 kg) of support per lifting movement, has a strong track record of protecting the lower backs of workers involved in heavy lifting at companies like BMW and Ikea, as well as at DPD, a France-based international parcel delivery service specialist that employs 48,000 people and handles close to 2 billion parcels annually.

An early warning system based on AI ergonomics that alerts the wearer about poor posture or lifting methods has been incorporated into the design, displaying pointers and built-in on-screen instructions to get them up and running fast and safely. Managers can keep track of and log them for reporting on environmental and social governance.

Finally, IP54 waterproofing for outdoor use in dry, rainy, or dusty situations allows “building sites, outdoor warehouses, or car workshops” to use the device.

Early in 2022, the new Cray X will be accessible worldwide. The new device will be available for testing in person for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2022.

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