This New EV’s Battery Can Be Charged 10-80% In Under 5 Minutes

The clock is ticking when it comes to electric vehicles, and charging remains a significant obstacle preventing EVs from replacing fuel-powered cars. The Nyobolt battery, however, charges even faster than it takes to pump gas. Nyobolt, a Cambridge-based company, has developed a compact battery that could give electric vehicles extraordinary recharging capabilities.

Notably, the Nyobolt 35kWh battery pack could successfully recharge from 10% to 80% in just four minutes and 37 seconds in its first live demonstration. Thanks to this, it has set a new record for the fastest charging battery. Interestingly, the battery adds 120 miles of range to the sports car in just four minutes. As the BBC noted, an 80% charge adds up to 200 miles of range to a Tesla. However, it takes 15-20 minutes to charge a Tesla to 80% using the company’s most powerful charger.

The Department of Energy estimates that powering EVs costs approximately 35-75% less per mile than gas-powered vehicles. Besides, the UK had previously underlined that it could reduce its total carbon emissions by almost 12% if all cars were electric.

Set to be market-ready “at a small scale” within a year (1000 packs) and currently available in the UK, the Nyobolt 35kWh battery pack could propel electric vehicles, including compact cars, into the next generation.

Additionally, “Nyobolt’s flexible manufacturing model enables volumes of up to two million cells per year,” as per Silicon UK. As per Nyobolt’s website, it leverages next-generation patented carbon and metal oxide anode materials, innovative low-impedance cell design, integrated power electronics, and software controls to create power-dense battery and charging systems. Their technology also addresses the degradation issues typically associated with supercharging lithium-ion batteries.

As Motor 1 highlighted, Nyobolt conducted over 4,000 full-depth of discharge fast-charge cycles, equivalent to approximately 600,000 miles of real-world use. Remarkably, the battery still charges to 80% after 4,000 cycles, defying the usual degradation over time. The Nyobolt EV prototype supercharges twice as fast as any existing battery. Typically, in the lab, the battery reaches 100% in six minutes.

However, cars must operate in various conditions. The fact that the battery can still charge at essentially the same rate under challenging conditions further demonstrates its value, as it will need to be tested in adverse weather to ensure full functionality.

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