This New EV Can Be Driven Using Your Face And Fingerprint

The automotive sector is known for its innovation and implementation of advanced technology. Genesis, the luxury vehicle arm of the Hyundai group, has recently incorporated advanced facial and fingerprint recognition features into its new GV60 and SUV Coupe variant models, taking the industry’s innovation to the next level.

The GV60 is the company’s first all-electric vehicle, including ‘Face Connect’ and ‘Fingerprint Authentication System’ services. These services provide drivers with ease, security, and personalization, all of which improve the driving experience. Face Connect works by identifying the owner’s unique face traits, such as facial curves and certain facial landmarks, and unlocking or locking the doors, allowing access to the car without a key. It is perfect for families with numerous drivers because various driver profiles may be pre-registered. The head-up display, driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors, and infotainment settings on the GV60 may all be tailored to the driver’s preferences.

The Fingerprint Authentication System, which is placed near the gear selector, allows drivers to start and operate the car without the need for a key. This technology also includes in-car payment authentication and Valet Mode. The incorporation of fingerprint recognition technology guarantees that only authorised drivers may have access to and operate the vehicle, hence strengthening the car’s safety and security characteristics.

The introduction of facial and fingerprint recognition technology into the GV60 and SUV Coupe variant vehicles establishes a new benchmark in the automobile industry for ease, customisation, and security. As an industry leader, Genesis is pioneering the path for innovative car technologies, and other manufacturers will most likely follow suit.

In conclusion, Genesis has introduced groundbreaking innovations in the automotive industry by incorporating facial and fingerprint recognition technology into the GV60 and SUV Coupe variant models. These features prioritize convenience, security, and personalization, and as technology continues to advance, we can expect more advanced features integrated into our vehicles in the future.

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