This New EV By BYD Can Go Amphibious With Its ‘Emergency Float Mode’

BYD’s luxury sub-brand, YangWang, is making a significant splash with its flagship U8 SUV, already been available for purchase in China since April. The brand, meaning “looking up” or “admire,” falls under the BYD umbrella and has been turning heads with its cutting-edge features, prominently demonstrated at the Shanghai Auto Show.

One standout feature is the U8’s intelligent body control system, DiSus, coupled with BYD’s proprietary individual wheel drive (IWD) technology platform known as “e4.” These technologies enable unique functionalities such as a crabwalk feature and a u-turn mode, allowing the vehicle to spin 360 degrees on a dime. This dynamic display at the auto show garnered attention and set the stage for what was to come.

BYD recently released a video showcasing the U8’s extraordinary “Emergency Float Mode.” Despite the SUV being on the market for months, this feature takes center stage, displaying the vehicle’s ability to float and navigate through water. The Emergency Float Mode is passively triggered by an intelligent wading detection system, automatically switching to this mode when the vehicle detects it is floating. In this mode, the U8 retains the capability for driving, steering, and executing U-turns in water, ensuring a safe return to solid ground.

It’s worth noting that the U8’s Emergency Float Mode video features a camouflaged SUV, raising questions about the timing of this revelation. While the reason for the camouflage remains unclear, the showcase emphasizes the SUV’s amphibious capabilities and ability to actively navigate water using its wheels as propellers.

This unveiling might be seen as a strategic move, possibly in response to a Tesla Cybertruck video showcasing water functionality. Regardless of the motivation, the U8’s Emergency Float Mode reaffirms BYD’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of innovative luxury electric vehicles. The video underscores the brand’s prowess, leaving enthusiasts and potential buyers in awe of the U8’s remarkable capabilities.

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