This New EV Battery Offers 621 Miles Off Range On A Single Charge

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, which is a Chinese battery manufacturing company, has made a revolutionary discovery. The CATL cell-to-pack (CTP) technology has now revealed its incredible battery that can give you a range of 621 miles on a single charge. This seems to be a major breakthrough as it has pulled off the highest integration level in the world. The company has not yet started the production of this battery on a commercial scale but has plans to commence manufacturing next year.

The battery has been named “Qilin,” which is inspired by the mythological Chinese creature. It has a battery size and a chemical system similar to that of Tesla’s 4680, but it provides 13% more power with the renowned features of fast charging, service life, safety, and a vast range. Moreover, it has a 72% volume utilization efficiency and an incredible built-in feature known as “micron bridges,” which are mounted on the inside layers of the battery. This feature indirectly supports the extensive life cycle of the battery by efficiently compensating for the changes that occur in the battery from time to time.

Qilin carries an energy density of up to 416 kilojoules per pound along with the sizeable internal crossbeam and a thermal pad that has been integrated with it. There is also a liquid cooling plate that performs a refrigerating function. These cooling plates will be integrated within the layers of the battery, which enlarges the heat transfer area by four times. Also, this supports the fast-charging capability, which can be accomplished in just 10 minutes.

The components that consist of high energy density within the battery can also be stabilized through this cooling system by effectively preventing the unnecessary thermal conduction of the cells. However, this CTP battery technology is accredited by the safety tests at the national level and fulfills all the criteria required for safety. It is equipped with structural protection, a high voltage connection, and a protective aperture for passing out all heated waves.

It is worth noticing that CATL has not yet revealed if any electric vehicle company has ordered the production of this battery or not. However, the target market of CATL includes Tesla, Nio, Volkswagen, and BMW.

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