This New Electric Snowboard Can Actually Nullify Gravity

Cyrusher, a company known for its innovative electric power toys, has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first electric snowboard, the Cyrusher Ripple. In a market where electric skateboards and surfboards have thrived, electric snowboards have often fallen short, delivering disappointing experiences or products that deviate from the true essence of snowboarding. However, the Cyrusher Ripple aims to change this narrative by presenting a design that closely resembles a standard snowboard built for resort and backcountry riding.

The 5.1-ft (156-cm) Ripple features a construction comprising fiberglass, carbon, and composite materials around a wood core, providing a camber profile for confident edge hold and control. What sets the Ripple apart is its 3,000-W electric drive, positioned at the rear of the board with an ultra-knobby tire for traction in snowy conditions. The board incorporates a dual-sided independent suspension to absorb bumps and chatter, allowing riders to adjust the wheel height based on weight, preference, and riding conditions.

The electric drive is powered by a 12.6-Ah low-temperature-resistant Molicel battery pack that sits in a backpack. With a handheld throttle, riders can control speeds of up to 31 mph (50 km/h), with an estimated range between 9 and 12 miles (15 and 20 km). Cyrusher suggests that the Ripple can be used for backcountry trail exploration, but its real advantage may lie in bringing snowboard-style fun to flatlands, providing a lighter and more transport-friendly alternative to traditional snowmobiles.

Despite skepticism about the Ripple delivering the fast, adrenaline-packed experience that electric snowboard enthusiasts have been anticipating, it represents the most convincing design in the e-snowboard category so far. While the video content available showcases the Ripple timidly navigating challenging snow conditions, the potential for improved content in the future is expected, given Cyrusher’s location in northern Utah.

The Ripple, designed to support riders up to 250 lb (113 kg) with a recommended height between 5.2 and 6.2 feet (1.6 to 1.9 m), is priced at a special Christmas rate starting at $2,199 for the board and a single battery pack. The package with the board, bindings, and two battery packs is priced at $3,299. Preorders are currently open, with shipments planned for “on or before” January 1, 2024. However, potential buyers should be aware that special pricing will expire soon, with a $300 increase to standard manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs).

In conclusion, the Cyrusher Ripple introduces a promising concept in the electric snowboard market, offering a design that aligns more closely with traditional snowboarding experiences. While the true performance remains to be seen, the Ripple has generated excitement and hope among enthusiasts, suggesting a step forward in the evolution of electric snowboarding.

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