This New Electric Racing Car By Subaru Produces Over A Thousand Horsepower

The Tokyo Auto Salon has opened its doors for 2022, and Japanese carmaker, Subaru has unveiled the STI – RA electric racing concept. It was developed as a part of an in-house study looking deep into the possibilities of a carbon-neutral future for racing. Thus, the STI E-RA has a much massive front splitter, air intake, diffusion, and F1-style intake on the roof.

A report from Engadget has mentioned the STI E-RA concept in detail. The race car will boast an output of 1073 horsepower. The E-RA with 60kWh is almost unlikely to come with a world-beating range. But Subaru hopes its all-wheel-drive machine can excel on the race track. Some of the exceptional features in the looks of such race cars are also observed. GT-style, high-downforce composite bodywork and cutouts in the body to redirect air away from the wheel are some of the features of those race cars.

The Japanese automaker wants to set a record with a Nurburgring lap time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds by 2023, which would be putting them ahead of Tesla’s Model S plaid, which was having the Nurburgring lap time of 7 minutes and 35 seconds. So, Subaru will test the E-RA at Japanese racing circuits later this year before moving to Nurburgring.

Subaru has also worked to reveal the hot version of all the all-electric SUVs that marked the brand’s first venture into the world of EVs in November last year. It was not revealed much by Subaru in terms of particular specifications having some new Solterra features.

It was mentioned by Subaru in the press statement that both of these vehicles are part of his mission to gather experience with new technologies in the domain of motorsports for the carbon-neutral era. As Subaru is working on the lines to gather experience and wants to hit a new record on the race tracks with some new features, it is a little behind its competitors as Mercedes has recently revealed its Vision EQXX a solar roof concept with a 620-mile range at CES.

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