This New Electric 3-Wheeler Can Drive, Float And Hydrofoil


A Florida-based company, “Poseidon Amphibworks,” has come up with a futuristic yet promising framework for implementing the design concept of its amphibious vehicle, named “Trident LS-1,” into reality. To carry forward this perspective to practicality, the team is trying to get some funds so that it can start the manufacturing of the prototype of this electric and three-wheeler AWD. In LS-1, “L” refers to land while “S” refers to sea, which means that the vehicle will be efficiently designed to function both on land and on the sea, and this is what amphibious vehicles are supposed to do. Watch the video given below to see how it works!

In addition to this, once completed, the vehicle will be embedded with a low-drag hydrofoils technology that will enable it to cruise efficiently on the sea and with maximum range capabilities. Also, it will demonstrate ‘highway speed’ capabilities while moving on land. We can predict that there will be growing interest of people towards this technology who lives near or in the surrounding sea because they will then easily transport from one mode of transportation to another, hence, it’s an all-in-one package. However, the company is making efforts to register the vehicle as a “three-wheeler” in order to refrain from any strict policy standards or rulings and to keep the costs to a minimum level as well.

Coupled with this, the vehicle can accommodate one driver at the front and one in the center, while there are two to three seats at the back as well to house around 3 people. Moreover, the vehicle can achieve a maximum speed of 0-60 mph, and that too in just five seconds. Not only this, but you can also hook it up at the back of any of your vehicles while traveling on the land or in the sea, thus making it well suited for towing as well. Along with this, the amphibious vehicle will turn into an electric boat in the shallow areas of the water and for this, there are two electric thrusters mounted at the rear portion of the boat.

To that end, you can avail of this industry-leading vehicle for US$95,000 which is not that cheap but seeing its advanced and sophisticated systems including the flight-controlled hydro foiling technique, it comes at a nominal range. Hence, there is probably a long way to go to achieve the funding, and only then, the company would be able to ramp up its operations for the development of first prototype.  


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