This New Ebike Concept Looks Like Something Straight Out Of TRON

Let the TRON legacy begin!

 A designer has created a Tesla electric bike concept called Dust that is based on the futuristic design of the bikes from the famous Tron movies. The sleek bike is covered in a metallic finish and comes in two different colors; a completely black approach for all the dark mode users out there and a contrasting design with a silver finish and matte black inserts.

The dream bike also has an impressively long wheelbase which enhances the bike’s drag racing capabilities while the ground clearance is so low that it almost touches the ground. Nazar Eisa, the designer behind the bike shared his inspiration for Dust and said, “I love design, speed, calmness, technology, visualization of the future, the relationship of man to construction and the human ability to create and manifest. I imagine myself driving this bike on the highway in the future with development and progress in all aspects of life from architecture, lifestyle, and technology, and I am very impressed by the boldness and courage of Elon musk the volume of his ideas, implementation, challenge, social responsibility, and technology development for an impressive, fast and unlimited future.”

Eisa also commented on why he chose the name Dust for his futuristic bike. Apparently, it’s symbolic and refers to the “speed and dust flying behind the bike.” The name also has a deep connection with the environment and the Earth as it is manufactured using sustainable and organic methods.

The real question is, can a bike with these proportions actually work in real life? Eisa seems confident and said, “It is a preliminary idea, and sure, with a specialized team and some modifications, it may see the light of day and be practical and available to everyone who wants to live the experience and lead the dust.”

We can’t wait to see this design come to life so we can all channel our inner fangirl/fanboy!

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