This New E-Bike By Beachman Takes You Back To The 60s


Electrical vehicles are coming to the market in the form of trucks, cars, and bikes. There are now airplanes and helicopters powered by electricity as well. Now that the functionality of the mechanisms involved is deeply understood and widely applied, electrical vehicles are coming in with different additions and variations in style. They can now have various outlooks too.

Recently, a new electric bike is coming to the market that brings the historic ‘60s to life. This motorcycle resembles the old, big, heavy, and noisy bikes that used to be in the past. The name of the bike is Beachman ’64.

The startup Beachman created this model and is based in Toronto. It has a throttle-activated 2,000-watt rear hub motor. It is hard to limit to 500W, so it is in accordance with the e-bike regulations. The vehicle can be pedaled as well.

The Beachman '64 is being offered in four "fuel tank" colors and two seat colors


The motor has a 40-Ah lithium-ion battery that is fit for a range of 90 km (56 miles). The top speed is limited to 32 km/h (20 mph). An LCD screen shows the data such as speed, charge level, voltage, and distance traveled. Other features that make it look like a ‘60s bike include a full steel frame, 18-inch wheels, motorcycle-grade front, and rear shocks, hydraulic disc brakes, an electric horn, an anti-theft alarm, and an LED headlight, taillight, and signal lights.

The entire bike has a weight of around 220 lb. (100 kg) and can take the weight of a combined rider/passenger weight of 350 lb. (159 kg).

Beachman is initially launching the model for ’64 to Canada-based backers only, through an Indiegogo campaign. Once the production stage is reached, a pledge of CAD$3,250 will get them one. The bike should then retail for CAD$4,200 (about US$3,312), with a US rollout planned for 2023.


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