This New ‘Drone Interceptor’ Comes With Its Own Props – Including A Drone-Catching Net

Drone Interceptor is designed by Lithuanian hacker Aleksey Zaitsevsky. It utilizes detachable net-pulling propellers to get the job done. The aircraft takes the form of a quadcopter with a very high power-to-weight ratio.

This feature allows the Drone Interceptor to quickly take off, reach the troublesome target drone, and circle around it to get a good look – an onboard camera helps with the latter, by transmitting real-time video to the ground-based operator.

Each Drone Interceptor would be deployed from its own launch box

Once it’s decided that the other drone should be brought down, the Drone Interceptor gets positioned underneath it. Upon a command from the pilot, its four propellers then quickly accelerate and detach from the frame – at the same time, a packed Kevlar net to which the propellers are attached is also released.

As the propellers proceed to fly upward, they pull the net open between them, so it wraps around the other drone.

The main body of the Drone Interceptor also falls. It also emits a loud beeping sound while it descends, enabling it to be more easily retrieved for reuse.

Zaitsevsky is aiming for a scenario in which ground patrol vehicles would have multiple Drone Interceptors, each copter in its own launch container. Whenever a trespassing drone was spotted entering a restricted area, the driver/operator could stop and send one of the Interceptors after it.

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