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This New Drone Can Wash Windows And Put Out Fires

Aerones Introduces Drones That Can Wash Windows Or Put Out Fires!

We are living in an era of technology. From 3D printing to automatic cars; we are living the life that science-movies used to project as fantasies. One such marvel and quickly gaining traction are the drones. We have already seen drones being used for making deliveries and for recording moments that matter, now we are moving to the phase where drones will be used for washing windows and to put out fires. Aerones is the company behind the water-spraying drones that would prove to be quite useful to the humans.

These drones by Aerones will be helping out with one of the scariest jobs that are imaginable for anyone who is afraid of heights. Want to take a guess? Yes, these drones – created by Latvian company Aerones – will be able to replace human window washers successfully.

This particular system relies on the company’s most robust drone – the AD28. The AD28 is designed for heavy payloads. The water is supplied using a hose that is connected to the drone from the ground. This means that the hose will have to be quite long if the system is supposed to cater to skyscrapers or the company must come up with ways to have some water on board the drone without compromising on the integrity.

Aerones is known for its heavy-duty drone equipment expertise. It makes drones that are used for de-icing, coating wind turbines, and cleaning industrial towers. This particular drone does more than put on a show for people in offices. It is a safer option for washing windows. Putting the safety factor aside, these drones can also help complete the cleaning much quicker as opposed to human window washers.

Despite all that, the professional window washing is considered a safe profession. The number of injuries and deaths associated with window washing have decreased significantly during the last couple of decades. You can thank the strict safety standards and stronger unionization.

However, that doesn’t mean that the drone has lost its usability. Aerones has suggested that the drone could prove to be useful in helping to put out fires on higher floors of the building. Now that is a task where it could literally be saving lives!