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Instead Of Traditional Hands, Jupiter Wrist Watch Uses Magnetically-Driven Beads

We have seen and known watches without numbers, just the hands point in a direction, and it shows us the time. Some people love and prefer these simple-looking watches over the heavier and much-stuffed ones. It is good news for the minimalist looking watch lovers as Ziiiro came up with its new Jupiter wristwatch that not only comes without numerics but also without hands.

The new model has taken minimalism to a whole new level. Instead of conventional hands, Jupiter uses magnetically driven beads, and it looks incredible. The name of the watch goes from its resemblance to the planet Jupiter.

We didn’t see this coming anytime soon as in traditional analog watches, both the hour and minutes hand is linked to the movement by a gear train. Expecting an analog watch without that movement was a concept unknown until Ziiiro came up with Jupiter.

The catch is that getting to build watches without hands may seem the next relevant step in minimalist horology, but it comes with the concern of how to display the time. This is where Ziiiro chose two steel balls adjusted inside a sandblasted polished and hydraulic pressed dial, which moves through the magnetic force. The watch is water-resistant, and its case uses stainless steel.

According to Ziiiro, the outer ball displays the hours, and the inner one shows minutes, giving it an out beyond look as if two planets are circulating on their respective orbits. The Swiss Ronda 502 quartz movement powers these, work on a Renata 371/SR920SW battery. However, details are not provided on how the magnetic drive exactly works.

The all-new Jupiter comes in four color options: rose, chrome, black and rose, and black and chrome with a Milanese mesh strap. Each one is priced at US$199.

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