This New Double-Decker Airplane Seat Design Is Going Viral

Alejandro Núñez Vicente, a 23-year-old industrial designer, has an innovative idea to transform air travel. He wants to introduce double-decker airplane seats, which may sound strange or even scary to some travelers.

The concept gained attention when it started as a college project and went viral after being nominated for the Crystal Cabin Awards in 2021. Núñez Vicente has since dedicated his time to refining the prototype, and it will now be tested by major players in the airline industry at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany.

Contrary to critics’ beliefs, Núñez Vicente insists that the goal of the double-decker seats is not to squeeze more people onto planes. In fact, his Instagram post about the seats emphasizes that they are a winning solution.

“My goal as a designer is to make the economy class better for all those travelers that can’t afford more expensive tickets,” he writes.

However, don’t imagine planes with only double-decker seating just yet. The idea is to have a middle section with double-decker seating, called Chaise Longue, surrounded by regular airplane seats on both sides. This way, all passengers can choose their preferred seating option, whether they embrace the Chaise Longue concept or not.

According to CNN Travel, the Chaise Longue benefits not only passengers but also airlines. Its design allows for more legroom, accommodating those who need it, while also enabling airlines to sell more seats on a plane.

Núñez Vicente’s innovative approach aims to provide comfort and flexibility for all passengers, offering a new way to enhance the air travel experience.

“Most of the times when they show you something new, everyone hates it at first, they’re scared of change,” he told CNN. “But the more you show it, and the more you develop it, and the more they see it, the more they get used to it.”

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