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This New Device Can Use Human Sweat To Power Electronics

Science and technology have gone so ahead of the time we are in that the innovations now seem impossible and unbelievable. Recent developments in the biomedical field have forced people to rethink what they knew about the extent of technology before. A mechanism has been developed now which was only proposed as a source of humor.

It is intriguing how researchers and scientists have created a device that has the ability to transform sweat into electricity. It does not require you to work out or engage in physical activity to make it work. You can simply be sitting idly or better yet, sleeping while the device will do its magic and keep turning the sweat into electricity.

The device is basically a thin strip that can be wrapped around one’s finger like a band-aid. This device is designed for the fingertips specifically because the fingertips keep producing sweat throughout the day. Any special activity is not necessary for the sweat glands in the tips to work. They are always working. So, the user does not necessarily need to be doing any physically demanding activity in order for the device to work.

The device is the outcome of the intelligent struggles and research of the scientists at the University of California, San Diego campus in the nanoengineering department. It will not be wrong to call this mechanism self-driven. This almost autonomous device has opened new avenues of possibilities in the arena of mechanisms like this that can be worn conveniently and create ease for the users without the excessive setup or paraphernalia.

The continuous flow of electricity generated from the supply of sweat from the fingertips will be able to power small electronics that do not require excessive power like wristwatches. The device is not strong enough yet for smartphones.  

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