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Apple Is Secretly Working On A Device To Track Glucose Levels In Diabetes Patients

Apple diabetes product


Although the correlation with smart devices and diabetes seems bizarre, tech giant Apple has reportedly been doing just that as they have a secret mission underway to make diabetes detection easier.

As reported by CNBC, Apple has employed a secret team of scientists that have been working on developing technology that would allow real-time and non-invasive blood sugar monitoring in a bid to better treat diabetes.

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The report adds that the project was originally conceptualized by the late Steve Jobs, and if successful, would be a huge landmark for scientists, although some similar projects have already been put into place such as wearable glucose monitor, a glucose monitoring tattoo and an eye lens that can be used for the same purpose.

The details of the magic device are still under the wraps, but one source revealed that Apple is working on developing optical sensors to measure glucose levels through the skin. The sensor can then be used with an Apple Watch, thus increasing the user-base of the technology to a massive scale.


The project has been under development for five years and now is close to feasibility trails.
The secrecy behind the project is uncanny, so much so that even the 30 people strong team of biomedical engineers is kept hidden by giving them an office building miles away from its headquarters.

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The secret is out now though, with millions of people now holding their breath to see when they can get a non-invasive glucose measuring device to make their lives easier.

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