This New Device Can Provide Selective Noise Cancellation To Existing Ear Buds

There are noise-canceling earbuds present in the market that block out every kind of noise or sound for the user. This is done with the help of advanced noise-canceling technology. Usually, people’s voices are also blocked. However, this time, there is a new device in the market with the name Silenton. It is claimed that it will filter out most sounds while still allowing voices through to third-party earbuds.

The Silenton device is developed by the South Korean company Suhyun Tech. its transceiver is designed to be clipped to the user’s collar, hardhat, necklace, or someplace else near their mouth. It’s wirelessly linked to both their smartphone and their earbuds (or headphones) through Bluetooth.

????????: Suhyun Tech

The mechanism starts from the detection of the ambient sound by the microphone. The sound is then processed through the AI-based algorithm on an integrated microprocessor.

The designers of the device state that the voices of nearby people are transmitted through the earbuds, while all other noises are reduced by 25 decibels. That noise reduction is done in the conventional fashion. Here, the device produces sound waves with the same amplitude as the undesired sounds, but with an inverted phase. This cancels the extra noises out.

This mechanism is also effective in blocking out background sounds when they’re making phone calls via Silenton’s mic. Also, the earbuds can still be used to listen to music. A one-hour charge of the device’s 3.7-V/230-mAh lithium-polymer battery is said to last for around 23 hours of use.

The device is currently a part of the Kickstarter campaign. Once it reaches the production stage, it is said to be around $149.

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