This New Device Can Generate Live Lyrics For Instrumental Music

Technology has seeped into a myriad of fields and has created unique and innovative ways of doing things. One of such fields is music. There is a plethora of advancements made in this genre that the music industry is not only flourishing but thriving. The most recent development is the application developed by the name LyricJam.

LyricJam has the mechanism embedded in it which enables the generation of lyrics from live instrumental music. This is a long leap ahead from the auto generation of lyrics or captions as the recorded or even live video progresses. This technology surpasses the possibilities created by the former functionalities.

It recognizes and registers specific chords and ups and downs of music. The system then associates related words, sentences, and phrases with the kind of music being played. For example, if the music is upbeat, it will generate pleasant and happy lyrics and vice versa. This tool can be used by songwriters to acquire inspiration from the suggestions generated by the system. If they are going through a writer’s block or cannot seem to find just the right words or direction for their songs, LyricJam will come to their aid and generously provide suggestions.

The application is created by the team working at the University of Waterloo. The team leader of the researchers stated that he had always been interested in music. His work as a tech researcher gave him opportunities to combine technology with music and this is one of his most dedicated endeavors. Their research is soon to make a glorious appearance in the International Conference on Computational Creativity. This live lyric generation will be based on the mood of the environment and surroundings, reflecting the artist’s thoughts at the moment as well. These researchers are working relentlessly on creating unprecedented ways to make technology interact with music. They have revealed they will be disclosing more of such projects the team has been working on.

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