This New Cybertruck-Like EV Scooter By Infinite Machines Is Already Sold Out

The US-based two-wheeler company Infinite Machine has revolutionized the electric vehicle market with their brand-new P1 electric scooter, which is modeled after a cybertruck. The P1 has already created waves with its eye-catching look and outstanding performance, selling out of its first 1,000 pre-order units with a $1,000 deposit.

The Tesla Cybertruck served as the model for Infinite Machine’s P1, which has angular panels that are precisely cut and a mono chassis made of steel and aluminum. The scooter has a striking visual appeal that draws attention on the street thanks to its strong and futuristic design philosophy. The company’s website states that their objective is to offer inspiring alternatives to automobiles and that they think giving electric two-wheelers priority is a big step toward lowering pollution, especially in crowded urban areas.

The dynamic energy and creative spirit of New York City acted as a source of inspiration for the P1’s design. Co-founder Joseph Cohen says the end product is a car that embodies beauty, speed, and intelligence.

The P1 is distinguished by its state-of-the-art technology in addition to its elegant look. The materials utilized, which include aluminum, steel, and reinforced plastic, give it a sleek and elegant appearance, while its angular panels and front fascia give it a futuristic, Star Wars-like image. There is plenty of storage space on the scooter, including beneath the seat, between the rider’s legs, and beneath the steering wheel. Different attachments are possible with modular mounting rails, including tiny trailers for extra freight and additional batteries for a longer range.

Looking closely at the P1’s performance, one will notice a rear hub motor that pushes boundaries with 6 kW of continuous power and peaks out at 12 kW. That equates to roughly sixteen horsepower, giving it some serious zip. The top speed? Impressive indeed! It clocks in at up around 55 miles per hour maxing out well against its peers among electric scooters on the market.

This scooter has been shaped mainly keeping city and semi-urban daily commuting in mind. As the manufacturers boldly assert, this is simply ‘the fastest production model in its league’. Underneath all of that, powering these ambitious claims you’ll find two sizable batteries – both are rated at 72V30Ah endowing them with an aggregate capacity of a hefty 4.32 kWh.

With all this energy packed into it the P1 makes certain promises when it comes to range as well — estimations put it comfortably running for about sixty urban miles before needing another dose from your home socket.

The P1 boasts an intriguing feature, namely its capability for Android Auto and CarPlay integration. This allows on-the-go individuals to sync their personal devices with ease. And not just that! They can use maps, jam to music and all through the scooter’s very own external speakers—an engaging touch indeed. The infotainment system doesn’t stop at device synchronization; it goes further by incorporating over-the-air updates to stay ahead of the curve, right? Plus there’s more – a befitting anti-theft system is baked in as well!

The P1, which starts at $10,000 and is expected to take 12 to 18 months to arrive, is an exciting and environmentally friendly way to travel. However, prospective purchasers need be ready to wait as the first batch has already sold out. Similar to the Tesla Cybertruck, the P1 has drawn attention from the general public and shown how interest in cutting-edge electric vehicles is developing.

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