This New Concept Tire By Continental Has Been Built With A Completely New Approach

In a world where cityscapes are the battlegrounds of tomorrow’s mobility challenges, Continental has unleashed a game-changing contender. Meet the Conti CityPlus, a concept tire that redefines the very essence of tire efficiency.

Unveiled at the prestigious IAA Mobility show in Hanover, Germany, this tire isn’t just rolling; it’s rewriting the urban driving rulebook.

Picture this: bustling city streets, constant stop-and-go traffic, and electric vehicles (EVs) zipping through the urban jungle. It’s a scenario where tire deformation becomes a recurring antagonist, sapping efficiency and range. Here’s where the Conti CityPlus steps in, armed with innovation that’s set to transform urban mobility.

Rather than chasing the open highway, the Conti CityPlus zeroes in on the heart of urban driving. It understands that torque-induced tire deformations hit harder in stop-and-start situations, especially for hefty EVs. To counter this, the Conti CityPlus concept takes a revolutionary approach by bolstering sidewall rigidity through a reinforced carcass. But that’s just the beginning.

A carefully crafted blend of advanced fillers, rubber, and polymers steps in to combat deformation while unleashing the full potential of the tire’s contact surfaces. Throw in a cutting-edge tread pattern engineered for improved traction and reduced spread, and you have a tire that means business. Stops are quicker, accelerations are smoother, and the city becomes your playground.

Now, let’s talk numbers. The Conti CityPlus concept doesn’t just promise; it delivers. With a jaw-dropping 10% improvement in tire efficiency, it’s a game-changer. This translates into an astounding 3% boost in driving range for EVs. Picture it: 0.6 kWh saved over every 100 kilometers (62 miles) of stop-and-go urban driving. That’s not just innovation; it’s a revolution on wheels.

As for when you can get your hands on this urban marvel, Continental is tight-lipped about the production timeline. One crucial pit stop ahead is that the Conti CityPlus must pass rigorous EU safety testing before it can hit the streets.

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