This New Chinese Hydrogen Car Uses Plastic, Seaweed And Bio-Materials

In a groundbreaking move, GAC recently introduced the real-life model of its innovative hydrogen ERA concept car at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The vehicle, a fusion of a four-wheel drive and an SUV, not only boasts cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology but also showcases a commitment to sustainability through the use of upcycled materials in its design.

GAC’s hydrogen ERA concept car stands out with its exterior crafted from upcycled materials, including marine recycled plastic, seaweed, and bio-based components. The aerodynamic kit, displaying edgy lines, reflects a thoughtful approach to design and environmental consciousness. The front fascia is adorned with integrated headlights, sensors, and cameras set within a geometric light band, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics.

Under the hood, the ERA incorporates hydrogen fuel cells and 200kw distributed motors on the rear axle, delivering an impressive 540 horsepower, an 800-kilometer range, and zero emissions. The vehicle embraces advanced technology and redefines the concept of luxury with its interior design. Using bio-based mycelium leather for seating and furnishings and a captivating color scheme transitioning from sunrise orange to sunset purple creates an inviting and eco-friendly atmosphere.

A distinctive feature of the hydrogen ERA is its innovative door design. The doors open in different directions—outward to the left for passengers and to the right for the driver—resembling a clam-like entryway. The spacious interior, with a length of 5,413mm and a 3,132mm wheelbase, maintains a minimum ground clearance of 244mm, promising a comfortable and dynamic driving experience.

The interior’s versatility is showcased through the rotating front seats that allow face-to-face interaction with rear passengers. Additionally, rear seats with foldable extensions provide a spa-like experience or serve as additional seating. The central console transforms into a tabletop, creating a socializing space for up to six people. Moreover, the rear armrest unfolds into a tea table, offering passengers the flexibility to recline, engage in conversation, or enjoy the scenic views.

While the GAC hydrogen ERA concept car has been unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show, concrete production date is yet to be announced, leaving automotive enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the future of sustainable and design-forward transportation.

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