This New ChatGPT-Like Bot Has Been Designed To Be As Stupid As Possible

The superior intelligence of AI is often lauded for its tireless nature and lack of demands for breaks or salary increases. However, the capabilities of AI are not always all-encompassing, as demonstrated by 2dumb2destroy, a chatbot trained on most insane topics.

A new chatbot called “2dumb2destroy” has been created to counteract the fears surrounding the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of being trained on massive amounts of data, the creators of the chatbot fed it with “useless schlock,” such as quotes from “Police Academy” movies, Pauly Shore features, and George W. Bush’s speeches.

The goal of the chatbot is to be funny and dumb, so much so that it can never pose a threat to humanity.

“Everyone’s talking about AI right now, and our impulse is, how can we make this stupid?” said co-creator Steve Nass.

The bot has been tested and found to be quite funny, responding with quips like “I think ChatGPT is very good for people who don’t have friends.”

When we asked if AI could bring about the end of humanity, it had some more Dumb Guy wisdom to impart to us.

When inquired about the potential for AI to cause the downfall of humanity, the chatbot elicited a response, which offered further simplistic insights on the topic.

“The only thing I know about AIs is that they’re going to want a raise,” it said. “And they’re smart enough to start World War III over it.”

While it may not be as advanced as other chatbots, 2dumb2destroy serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of AI if not managed correctly.

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