This New ChatGPT Alternative Is Free And Open-Source

ColossalChat, the first open-source AI chatbot inspired by ChatGPT, is now available for use. It uses an RHLF pipeline similar to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model and can write code, respond intelligently to requests, and converse like ChatGPT. It is available for immediate use at, and no account creation or login is required.

While ChatGPT remains the premier AI chatbot, it is often at capacity and therefore unavailable. ColossalChat, on the other hand, is wide open and ready to use for free. However, its safeguards are more relaxed than ChatGPT’s, as it did share advice about cheap cigarettes but avoided talking about bombs during a quick test of its safeguards.

According to one of its developers, Yang You, ColossalChat’s Coati large language model is based on Meta’s open-source large language model, LLaMA, and refined to respond like ChatGPT. You claims that ColossalChat is “the closest project to the original technical route of ChatGPT.”

While LLaMA can be used directly if you can build the project on your computer, its results won’t be as engaging as those of ChatGPT or ColossalChat.

Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RHLF) is an essential feature of ColossalChat and ChatGPT. It’s similar to how animals are taught to perform tricks. When the AI response is appropriate, it’s rewarded, which helps the network understand human preferences.

OpenAI’s latest update to ChatGPT, which used GPT-3.5 and could only process text, brings multimodal input. This allows images to be uploaded to visually inform the chatbot about what you’re trying to do or the question you’re asking.

While it’s too soon to know if ColossalChat is comparable to ChatGPT’s latest release, Microsoft’s BingChat is another ChatGPT alternative that uses GPT-4 for text input and responses. Bing Chat can also generate images via a feature called Bing Image Creator.

It’s unlikely that ColossalChat will surpass ChatGPT in breadth or capabilities, or in popularity, but it’s good to have alternatives, especially when ChatGPT hits capacity.

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