This New Carbon Fiber Electric Boat Is So Light It Can Ride On Your Car’s Roof


The Kaebon EB Eins electric boat is a sleek and lightweight vessel made of carbon fiber that offers a silent and sustainable boating experience. The boat’s advanced composite build was inspired by the lightweighting achievements of aerospace and high-performance automotive industries, resulting in a vessel weighing just 196 lb (89 kg).

The boat’s efficient propulsion comes from a small motor and two Torqeedo e-drive options that offer comparable power to a 9.9-hp gas engine or a 25-hp equivalent. The boat’s unique design, with a wave-piercing bow and long waterlines, enables it to glide efficiently through the water. The boat can be carried on the roof of a vehicle, eliminating the need for a trailer or boat slip. The EB Eins can store away in a garage or backyard when not in use.

The boat is available for order now, with prices starting at €59,900 (approx. US$65,400) for the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0-powered model and €74,900 ($81,775) for the Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 version.

Kai Krause, the founder of Kaebon, wanted to build a sustainable and eco-friendly powerboat that does not compromise on the pleasure of power boating. The boat’s lightweight construction allows for a smaller powertrain and efficient propulsion, resulting in a cleaner and more sustainable form of boating that respects nature.

The boat’s sleek and stylish design and its silent and sustainable operation allow boaters to enjoy nature in near silence without spewing out exhaust and oily residue.

The Kaebon EB Eins electric boat offers a new and sustainable way to enjoy boating without harming the environment. The boat’s lightweight construction, efficient propulsion system, and stylish design make it a perfect vessel for eco-conscious boaters. In addition, the boat’s ability to be carried on the roof of a vehicle and stored away in a garage or backyard make it a convenient and practical option for boaters.

With the availability of two Torqeedo e-drive options and a battery power of up to 10 hours when cruising slowly, the boat is a great option for both short and long journeys on the water.

Source: Kaebon


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