This New Car Will Mine Cryptocurrency While Driving

The automobile industry has transformed into a sector that is fast-paced and up to date with all the trends in consumer preferences while keeping the idea of sustainability in focus. It is no longer only about the speed or specifications of the car in terms of its main functionality. There is a myriad of factors involved in the making of a car now. The way these new and modern cars are marketed are made to function is innovative and multipurpose. This article highlights a perfect example of such an automobile made by Daymak.

The founder and CEO of the company, Daymak, Aldo Baiocchi, has come up with an unprecedented way of riding in the vehicles. The company focuses mainly on electrical vehicles including both e-scooters and e-bikes. In one of its recent products, the company has decided to allow customers to mine bitcoin while they are riding in the car.

It seems complicated but the CEO has it all figured out. The star vehicle that is expected to do all this is called the Spiritus. It is predicted to be launched in 2023 and it will have a feature of autopilot. Along with that, there is a roof which is basically a solar panel. This solar panel will provide energy for mining cryptocurrency. This feature can be conveniently used by riders.

Aldo Baiocchi believes that the customers of his company, Daymak, deserve added value and premium options with their rides in this e-car. The car is a supercomputer in a sense and therefore, can provide multiple functions with quite ease. The car will inform the person about investing in cryptocurrency. This will also involve more people in the cryptocurrency that has endless possibilities of progress and success. This feature is also incorporated to raise awareness about the subject for people. Let’s see how well it is received in 2023.

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